Employee Connect and Alignment to Organization Goals remains to be one of the most vital clog in the organizational wheel. With network restrictions, not all organizations can afford to let their workforce go out to other unofficial media. It, therefore, needs appropriate and official channels of communication and TalenTicks presents the perfect podium to all. Presenting BUZZBOOK, the official Social Networking Site. There is something in it for everyone. It comes with the following:

  • New & Announcements – the best place to get started, HR and designated Admins can use this channel to reach out to every one
  • All Buzz – where everyone gets a chance to post their views, thoughts and ideas.
  • Barter Corner – Let people sell, buy or exchange through this media network.

A completely customizable interface that can be quickly setup with ease and as you please. Well Townhalls can now be done online too. Go Ahead…Give it a try!!


Private Conversation Channels

Directory Search

Create project groups, track progress and collaborate for any other activities using BuzzBook in HRMS


Humans seek social affiliations and recognitions. Being a part of a group brings-in a sense of security. While there are popular tools available in the market, the limited features and limited UI brings in a challenge to inherit the ‘affiliation’ factor. This is where BuzzBook by TalenTicks brings in the edge.

  • Moderation Rights
  • Knowledge and Experience Sharing
  • Limited to the Organizations Intranet
  • Set Location wise preferences for multi-location organizations

A simple yet powerful interface to create User Groups and share relevant knowledge and information. Groups can be closed and open as per preferences. An ideal setting for Freedom and Culture to flourish together in this ecosystem and it is called TalenTicks – The Revolutionary Talent Management Ecosystem!

Create Private Conversation Channels

Reaching out to people from different locations is a little tough to find in a mesh of people. There are time when employee directories are not updated and the cell numbers are not updated and neither are the desk extensions.. Presenting the one-on-one chat for the quick wins and turn around. Features include:

  • Back up/Archive Important conversations
  • Export/Import important soft copies
  • Share media files, documents within the channel with ease.
  • Password protected conversations for improved securities.
Share confidential documents and convey sensitive dialogues through private networking channels using Buzzbook in HRMS
Access entire Employee Directory and connect with them directly using our Buzzbook in HRMS

Company’s Directory Search and get connected with them

3500+ employees operating across 16 locations across a country? Got a strong workforce of 30K across 25 countries? How does one locate each other? How can one establish channels of communication? The answer – TalenTicks. Features include:

  • Directory search using filters like location, department, profile etc.
  • Add/Update contact information on directories of respective employees.
  • Connect feature to directly contact using the in-house social networking platform.
  • Receive updates of directory submissions by new joiners with respect to departments.

Android/ iOS

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) the buzzing word that has been recognized as the future of workplace. Now let your workforce work with convenience on their own device. Includes:

  • Seamless connectivity with other systems like attendance, payroll management.
  • Customization according to organization’s security policies.
  • Geo-tagging, eLearning portal connectivity also available within the app.
  • Employee Analytics now accessible through App combining various metrics like performance and man hours invested.