Learning Management System

TalenTicks simplifies a process where organization members can come together interact, learn and contribute towards their personal and organizations growth. The Learning Management System (LMS) has been around for a while now and it is popular with SME’s and Conglomerates helping them build an all-round solution addressing:

  • Training Sessions & Schedules
  • Notes/ Hand-outs sharing
  • Tests Series & Quizzes
  • Assignments & Certifications.

Integrated Gamification helps enhance the overall learning experience exponentially providing leadership boards, rewards and various other perks within the training period.

Pre-participation, tests and screening, Share Content files, Collect Feedback and Maintain Audit Trails using our Integrated Learning management System

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is one the buzz words that has been gaining popularity over the last decade or so. The LMS plays the perfect second fiddle where the trainers can setup a system includes:

  • Pre-participation Tests & Screenings
  • Share Videos, PDFs, Assignments and a lot more.
  • Collect customized feedback and ratings from the participants.
  • Maintain records, Audit Trails and Logs meticulously.

Integrated Gamification (Internal Link Present. Include a Learn More button to redirect to gamification landing page):

Now, to boost your employee participation, the Leaderboard is/ can integrated with the Gamification module. Points earned can also be redeemed through the redemption center and it give it a more encompassing look. Features Include:

  • Customized Gamification Dashboard for every Trainee.
  • Certificate Generation
  • Set up Redemption Center.
  • Enhanced Knowledge and Skills (KnS) repository.

Webinar/ Live Video Conferencing:

Learning can happen anytime and anywhere, so why just keep ourselves chained for the classroom to happen. Business communication and product/ process/ services understanding upgrades form the major deliverable in the classroom training. This feature helps you in:

  • Set up a Centralized Training Platform within the organization
  • Organize Training Events Worldwide
  • Real-time training sessions across various time zones.
  • Inbuilt features include Virtual Whiteboard, Sharing Presentation Deck, Chat board, Video or Audio participation with the Mute and Unmute feature.
Centralized Training Platform across various locations, sharing presentation decks and media files using Live Video Conferencing in HRMS
Ideal for Compliance trainings saving upto 60% of manual efforts for auditors, Assessors and Appraisers

Compliance in LMS

The LMS can be a wonderful solution to compliance trainings and tests with accurate record management. Features include:

  • Customized alerts, notifications and reminders.
  • Automates mundane administrative work involving HR and LnD functions
  • Saves upto 60% of manual efforts.
  • Get on board your Auditors, Assessors and Appraisers seamlessly.


To conclude, TalenTicks provides a revolutionary Talent Management Ecosystem that is capable of working automating most of the manual tasks, bring in smart capabilities, connect the organization virtually, motivate and increase employee learning through engagement. A lot more than what the traditional systems offer today. Time to make a change happen and time to call TalenTicks!!