Employee Self Service

Rampantly changing Technology is forcing organizations to look at their traditional systems and provide employees with the freedom to operate as per their preferences. Not only does this empowers the employees, but it also encourages them to follow the organizations processes. Our Employee Self Service solution includes:  

  • View and Apply and review sanctioned Leaves.
  • Apply and Track Travel and Miscellaneous Reimbursements.
  • Update Personal information and any other inherited skills through trainings if any.
  • Access company policies and performance benefits information.






Modern Day Dashboard to view time-in &out, leave status and various other metrics using our employee dashboard in HRMS

Employee Dashboard

A dashboard summarizes the events with easy-to-understand and real-time data. The smart and modern day dashboard built in TalenTicks serves many purposes. Primarily it gives a snapshot of all the ongoing activities related to the employees such as In-Time, Out-Time, Holidays, Leaves, Leave Status etc. and following are some of the benefits: An important element that needs to be emphasized here is the fact that TalenTicks systems have been designed using Google’s Material Design Theme. A globally recognized UI helps is easily accessing and entering data. Highlights include:

  • Transparency – Gives complete and updated information to the employee on his/ her performance.
  • Accessibility – Provides a real-time access to data into a single interface.
  • Facilitates Self-Assessment & decision making – Employees can self-assess their performance as well as their own productivity and be rewarded for the same using our integrated Gamification.
  • Brings in Accountability – It provides accountability to the various departments that own the data e.g. HR, Finance, Admin etc.


Automation has been fueling the way for many enterprises in fulfilling the needs of the modern workplaces. It also takes care of rising cost of Human Resources and to ensure agility every enterprise systems is now studded with features including:

  1. TalenTicks is powered by a full-fledged ticketing system that serves as an Employee Help desk. This feature gives a monitoring and tracking of employee queries, suggestions and also escalations, it serves as a guiding light to keep the HR Team on track. With a strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) based tracking, it keeps the radar moving and brings in accountability.
  2. Chat Bot: With virtual teams spread across locations it is difficult to cater to every employees queries and concerns. With the Chat Bot it addresses the first level of employee queries/ concerns and guides them to relevant answers/ steps or to-do approach. Now this is what a great employee experience is and this is what brings in loyalty and retention.

It is important to highlight that TalenTicks has been designed by industry practitioners who have been actively working towards addressing employee concerns/ grievances and creating great places to work.

Full fledged Ticketing System and Chat Bot for querries using our Employee Dashboard in HRMS

Employee Payroll

Ease of use and quick responsive systems instigate better use of systems and high compliance to processes. The best of systems fail if they lack the intuitiveness. Payroll, Reimbursements and IT declarations are some of the vital elements and are used quite often and hence cannot be disregarded.. This can be frustrating for employees who experience delays in their reimbursements or have to face additional tax deductions.

The powerful Payroll Processing system boasts of some of the exceptional features such as:

  • Salary configuration (Grade/ Band wise)
  • Integration with Attendance, Leave Management
  • Provision to define components such as Basic, Variable, HRA etc.
  • Secured Pay slips generated with ease
  • Information Confidentiality assured with selective and limited access rights.

TalenTicks provides an integrated and well-knit HR-financial system that simplifies the workflow and dependencies on multiple submissions and approvals. A comprehensive system that elevates excellence bar on all fronts. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Employee Leaves

Leave it! One can hear quite often from those frustrated executives who have been assigned the key task of compiling and consolidating employee leaves and updating records. Yes, it can be a herculean task and to quote an example of a 250+ people organization, 4 executives spend the last 5 full working days compiling the same. It is equivalent to a person’s month’s worth of effort. Get more out of your HR systems with some of the world-class features that TalenTicks offers:

  • Leave Application, Tracking & Alerts
  • Leave Trends & Analysis
  • Comp Off/ On Duty/ Half Day/ Work from Home
  • Flexi Leave or Optional Holidays


TalenTicks provides an integrated and well-knit HR-financial system that simplifies the workflow and dependencies on multiple submissions and approvals. A comprehensive system that elevates the excellence bar on all fronts. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Let TalenTicks take care of your mundane tasks and let your executives focus on what they need to. After all Time and Effort don’t come for free. You’ll love it!

Leave application, Tracking & Analytics using our ESS in HRMS