TalenTicks brings you with its totally unique feature of gamification. With every step taken by an employee in an organization, his/her engagement is rewarded by brownie or reward points which can be redeemed at any time for personal use.

Merchandise Store

Our merchandise store offers a great range of goodies and gifts for you and your loved ones. Visit us there and buy happiness in exchange of the Brownie points you have earned.

Cashless Cafeteria

We make Cafeteria fun and purchasing food more comfortable and economical. You can use your Brownie points in the cafeteria as well. Redeem your Brownie points and indulge yourself in a delicious meal.

Appreciate in a minute

Appreciation is like “a jaadu ki jhappi”. So take out a minute and write on other’s wall. Let them know that you appreciate their help, support and efforts. You can be the reason for their “Smiles” that day.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Make sure your employees are heard through the employee satisfaction survey. You can look into the problems of the employees and how they feel about the organization.

Fun and Enjoy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, that’s why we have PARTIES and EVENTS. And to make it even more fun we give you Brownie points to attend them. After all happy employees will make a happy organization.

Contribute to CSR

If you have always wanted to give back to the society but don’t trust others with money then we are here to help you. You can give your Brownie points instead of money and we will make sure it makes a difference.

Awards & Recognition

Talenticks – A Revolutionary Talent Management Ecosystem by MEETCS is now going places. CIO APAC recognises the Gamified HRMS solution amongst the TOP 10.