Exit Interview

Even though no organization would want that their employees leave but if such a thing happens then the exit process module can handle the employee’s exit smoothly, taking care of the no-dues clearance, exit interview, full and final settlement and the experience letter.

Prevent Large Amount Of Resignations


The exit of an employee should be as smooth as possible so as to keep the relationships amicable. The exit interview and feedback from the leaving employee helps the organisation to understand the pain areas of the employees. The organisation can improve those areas thus ensuring better retention for the future.


The experience letter can be generated through TalenTicks after the entire exit process is completed. The level, grade and the duration of stay in the organisation are already taken care of while generating the letter.

Due Clearance Form

Due clearance is an important step in the exit process. The employee gets frustrated running from department to department getting the clearance done. To make the leaving experience better for the employee, due clearance feature in TalenTicks is filled with automatic clearances and lots of notifications to ensure each department proactively takes up the employee’s case.