Talent Management


TalenTicks has been crafted and curated to bring in every element of Talent Management and simplifies the entire journey seamlessly. Talent Planning; mature organizations have formal strategic meetings/ processes to understand the skill deficit and hence the plan to acquire them. Includes:

  • Capturing of Candidate’s Resume into the Knowledge and Skills Database.
  • Integrated with Learning Management System.
  • Identifying Critical Positions to be filled up.
  • Identifying Skill Gaps and succession planning.
Identify Critical Positions and Capture Resumes form various portals using our HRMS
Acquire, sort and store Resumes and enabled with Applicant Tracking System using our HRMS


Welcome the Super Powerful TalenTicks. The one stop shop where one raise Manpower Requisition Form.  For large scale organizations lot of efforts of invested/ lost towards acquiring, sorting, storing and tracking resumes coming into the system. Automated features include:

  • Applicant Tracking System enabled
  • Sharing on Careers and Social Media Portal
  • Manage Resumes
  • Screening and Psychometric assessments


With rapidly changing Industry needs, development and growth matters a lot to the modern day workforce. Here’s where TalenTicks’s Talent management kicks in:

  • Integrated Comprehensive and Seamless Learning Management System.
  • Coupled with Performance Appraisal Management.
  • Planning and Tracking of Training Needs Identification (TNI)
  • Trainer Feedback and Ratings, Certificate Generation & much more.
Integrated LMS and Performance Appraisal systems for the constant development of workforce using our HRMS
Provide frequent training and development programs to retain the talent using our HRMS


TalentTicks has been designed keeping in mind increasing employee loyalty, engagements and rewarding them for exceptional performances. Retention features include:

  • Gamified Performance Appraisals
  • All-in-one portal for tracking reward points, and leaderboard.
  • Regular feedbacks and engagement strategies.
  • Provide frequent training and development programs to cope up with the industry trends.