Performance Management

Performance Monitoring

The millennials are a smarter race. The ever-connected generation understands the value of their skillsets and is constantly looking out for better skills and learning opportunities. Monitoring features include:

  • Incentivize updates to value and respect the performances of the workforce regularly.
  • Keep consolidated knowledge and skill repository up to date.
  • Augment skill set with a rewards and recognition system
  • Real-time updates for planning and forecasting for upcoming performance requirements.

Performance Planning

Getting the Right Person for the Right Job and at the right time, is such a tough ask for any HR personnel. Planning the performance includes:
• Understand the business cycles
• Assess patterns and evolving trends.
• Annual strategic Performance budgeting and planning.
• Timely availability of updated Knowledge and Skills repository.

Rewards and Compensation

TalenTicks keeps ticking the right boxes for everyone. Talking about something more also brings about the important element of getting something more from our day to day lives. Performance Rewards can be given in the form of:

  • Promotes positive enforcement.
  • Brings in better etiquettes within employees
  • Inherit cultural elements, behavioral changes into your work force.
  • Dedicated Rewards centre to track and redeem points gained from performance bonuses.

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisals also play a vital role in ensuring fair and adequate transparency in the system. Easy to use feature list includes:

  • Goal-KRA Setting & Approval
  • Flexible Mid-Term & Annual Appraisal
  • Training Needs Identification MIS Report
  • Smart Appraisal Alerts & More.